Stylus Commercial Cleaning offers a deep cleaning and disinfection service available to all our customers, we adapt to schedules that do not interfere with the daily operation of the business since we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our goal is to meet with the requirements of our clients and own of each industry with experience and professionalism necessary for restaurants, Clubhouse & Country Club, Hotel & Resort, Commercial Building and many more.

We specialize in cleaning, degreasing and complete disinfection of all types of kitchen equipment, production lines, preparation stations, cooking zones, bakeries, filters, cleaning and polishing of kitchen screens, cleaning and polishing stainless steel, cleaning of refrigeration units among others, offering a complete cleaning service to guarantee the daily operation of the company.

The cleaning done by Stylus, allows you to keep your restaurant clean and sanitary, so you can concentrate on your main business. From the front to the back, Stylus offers a wide range of solutions for a clean restaurant, in compliance with the industry´s own regulations.

Stylus Commercial Cleaning will help you achieve your cleaning and disinfection goals with highly trained professionals, with experience and skills that will take care of your equipment, furniture and facilities with a high sense of belonging.

Allow professional experts in the industry to become your best ally.